Orchestrate your Data Streams

We help you automate your data processing, machine learning deployment and business automation pipelines. Built on Kubernetes and Kafka and specially formulated to alleviate the pain of deploying AI into production, AlgoRun is your secret weapon for realtime data processing.

What we do

We help you operationalize...

Machine Learning Pipelines

Data Pipelines

Automation Pipelines

How we help

Cutting Edge Tools

AlgoRun is the AI orchestration engine at the core of the AlgoHub platform. It provides unprecedented flexibility to build all types of processing pipelines. From machine learning, deep learning, ETL, business automation to analytics and more. AlgoRun lets you visually design, deploy and monitor your AI infrastructure.

Any Data

Utilize data from practically any database or data repository

Any Model

Flexibilty to use any machine learning tools and frameworks

Any Code

Integrate existing external and legacy system APIs

Any Cloud

Run in any cloud, on prem, or locally on a laptop

Expert Services

Do you need some direct assistance with your AI or automation related project? We offer tailored consulting engagements to help you get into production. From data engineering to organizing production pipelines and completely orchestrated AI and automation infrastructure, we help ensure it is done right.

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Building Blocks

Easily import pre-trained models, intelligent algorithms and data integrations to accelerate your project.

We ❤️ Building Data Pipelines

We can help get yours running smooth as silk. 

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