AlgoRun AI Platform

AlgoRun is a containerized data processing engine designed to handle any machine learning and automation workload.

The platform is architected for the future and composed of best-in-class tools you already use. Optimized for Kubernetes and incredibly flexible, AlgoRun gives your data pipelines repeatability, observability and scalability, all while to easily fitting into any data science and business automation workflow.

Key Benefits

  • Create versioned, repeatable and portable pipelines that can be deployed in any cloud or locally.
  • Share algorithms, models and pipelines with the team, organization or the entire community.
  • AI without limits. Utilize any ML / DL model, integrate with any data repository and execute any code.
  • Minimize vendor lock-in and get best-in-class distributed processing pipelines anywhere.


Powerful Tooling

Visual Pipeline Builder

A powerful UI to visually create your processing graphs, data connector setup and manage pipeline versions.

Management Dashboard

Monitor the pipeline deployment status, manage scaling, and view aggregated logs from a centralized management dashboard.

Kubernetes Operator

A Kubernetes native operator to launch, monitor, scale and operate the entire pipeline lifecycle.

Endpoint Management

Easily deploy HTTP and Grpc endpoints to enable external systems, IoT devices and any integration to interact with the pipeline.

Ready to Try?

Get Started with the free community edition now or schedule a demo to see how AlgoRun fits into your organization’s workflow. 👌