About Us


Our mission is to bring AI and automation to life within every business and organization. Through our software tools and operational best practices, we help data and software teams orchestrate their ultimate AI system. In turn enabling enterprises to make smart decisions, automate everything automatable and take swift action to drive the business forward.


Our focus is AI implementation and deployment. We strive to elevate the AI user experience and to empower every business to gain it’s benefits. By making it easier to implement and operate flexible, scalable AI infrastructure, we reduce the barrier to entry for those who are planning to or have implemented some form of AI technology.


Our team has decades of experience building software solutions from across the spectrum. Everything from traditional database analytics, distributed system architectures, big data with hadoop, predictive analytics, robotic process automation, marketing automation / CRM, and SaaS applications, have all shaped how and why we are building AlgoHub. In recent years, we have been working in the trenches working to implement ML, data analytics and automation in enterprises of all sizes. We understand the pains and the struggles that projects often face but also know what it takes to succeed in this fast moving space. We come from diverse backgrounds like finance, healthcare, energy, marketing and sales, all in areas where AI is making a profound impact. Our goal is to help your business with our cutting edge tools and to share our experience and best practices for building modern AI infrastructure.


When it comes to technology, making the right choice of frameworks and tools can be daunting. What is hot today can quickly become yesterday’s news. We strongly believe in being not only open to change but also ready to fully embrace the pace at which change is happening. Our technology stack is always evolving and we understand that some choices can be specific your needs. To meet the many needs of our customers and partners, we embrace software integration and openness and maintain an agnostic view of languages, frameworks and tools.


We are passionate about applying state of the art technologies to optimize all facets of life. We believe that AI technology will elevate the human experience when used responsibly. And it’s our responsibility as practitioners to ensure the technology is not abused. We promise to continually push to democratize AI and enable a broad base of organizations to harness it’s capabilities. Applied AI should be accessible beyond tech savvy startups, big tech, and large firms with plenty of capital to empower enterprises of all size and budgets.

Mike Cowgill

Founder, CEO

Mike founded AlgoHub in 2017 with a vision to empower every business to improve their operations through the deployment of advanced AI algorithms. As an entrepreneur and technologist, he has a passion for helping others drive their businesses by creating efficiencies through automation. Architect by day and data scientist by night, he is dedicated to bringing AI to the masses. Throughout the last couple decades, Mike has designed and built data and intelligence platforms in finance, legal and clean energy. As CTO for a large finance company, he formed and led an engineering team to build an analytics, business intelligence, CRM and marketing automation platform which powered more than $40 billion in loan volume.