Getting Started

Let’s get you setup with the AlgoRun platform. In order to give you the best experience possible, please choose your preferred installation support level. If you have experience with Kubernetes and Helm, self install is a breeze. We also offer a full service install option and our experienced engineers will get you setup.

Self Install

Quick Start

Install AlgoRun

AlgoRun is deployed to Kubernetes so the first thing you’ll need is a Kubernetes install to work with. For Development, either Minikube or Docker for Desktop (with Kubernetes enabled) should do. For Production, any cloud Kubernetes cluster will work. We’ve tested with GKE, EKS and AKS but any production ready k8s cluster will do.

Choose your preferred cluster type for detailed installation instructions:

Create an AlgoHub account

Create an AlgoHub account to receive support, synchronize Algos from the catalog and share with the community.

Create your first pipeline

Take a look at some example pipelines and go through a tutorial.

Read the Docs

Harness the full power of AlgoRun by reading the docs and dive deeper into AI orchestration.

Full Service

Ready to get started with AI Orchestration but not sure where to start?

Let us be your guide! 👍